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The Spanking Pictures Galleries

Saxon Amateur Spanking PicsAmateur Spanking Pictures

There is something special about amateur pictures. All those 'posed model' spanking pics look good, but a less-than-perfect amateur photo is always more 'real'.

Amateur Schoolgirl Spanking PicturesNaughty Amateur Adult Schoolgirls

When the amateur spanking gallery grew to an unmanageable size, I decided to separate out the amateur naughty adult schoolgirls into a gallery all of their own.

Victorian Period Spanking PhotographsPeriod Spanking Photographs

Just as soon as the camera was invented, it began to be used to capture the not so innocent games of the Victorian and Edwardian eras.

Saxon Spanking DrawingsSpanking Drawings & Cartoons

This large collection of spanking, BDSM, and erotic drawings has slowly accumulated. None of them are original but you may not have seen them before.